mini bear is nostalgic, romantic pop steeped in analog synths and funky, syncopated drum samples. 


mini bear LIVE


A creator of nostalgic, romantic pop steeped in 80s vibes, mini bear is the solo project of L.A. native songwriter and producer Lauren Kop. Taking inspiration from both past and future, mini bear uses analog synth textures and modern technology to write layered songs with syncopated rhythms and sentimental melodies. Lyrics meditate on technology’s influence on human connection and emotional detachment in our evolving technopop culture. Inspired by the music of early Madonna, Eurythmics, and Janet Jackson, it is dance-pop soaked in synths and funky drum samples. 

After majoring in music and studying classical voice at San Diego State University, mini bear moved back to Los Angeles and became interested in 80s analog synths and drum machines. Teaching herself the art of synthesis and drum programming, she began self-producing and composing with her computer in her bedroom. 

mini bear released her EP Mind Control via her label New Professor Music in the fall of 2016. Highlighted by Grimy Goods as one of the must-see acts at Echo Park Rising (music festival), her single releases are described as : “Dark electronic flavor doused in analog synth and vibrant breakbeats, ‘Clique’ sounds as though it came straight out of an underground English disco (circa 1983). It has the ability to sound nostalgic, whilst effervescing with a sharp futuristic tone.” Shaped by the heaviness of 2017, mini bear has a treasure trove of new synth-gems to release in 2018.