mini bear is nostalgic synth pop for those who like to dance and cry. 



mini bear LIVE

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PHOTO by iris ray


Photo by iris ray


Photo by iris ray


photo by iris ray


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As a producer / vocalist / composer, LA native Lauren Kop has cultivated a vivid musical aesthetic, gaining respected roles within her community such as mentor and emerging talent. Blending musical styles and drawing inspiration from 80s, pop, funk, and dance influences, Lauren has written, produced, and released multiple EPs and a full length album under the artist name mini bear, while also performing in historic venues such as The Echo, Moroccan Lounge, The Hi Hat, and Bootleg Theatre. Passionate about the importance of community and improving the representation of women as producers, she's taught workshops to women within her community, and music production at Girl’s Rock Camp Ojai to female youth and with FEMMEHOUSE. Lauren graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal and music education at San Diego State University, studying classical music, music theory, and audio engineering. After receiving her degree, she started collecting synthesizers and delving into sound design when she became fascinated with analog synths and drum machines. Her interest in learning how to produce her own music led her to becoming a certified Logic Pro trainer at Apple. She’s currently an educator at IO Music Academy, teaching topics such as Ableton Live, synthesis, and sound design. With years of experience and dedication to mastery of Ableton and music production, her passion for sharing her expertise and empowering female producers has led her to teaching Ableton classes and workshops that focuses on maximizing your creative potential through technology.

After majoring in music and studying classical voice at college in San Diego, she returned to Los Angeles and became interested in 80s analog synths and drum machines. Teaching herself the art of synthesis and drum programming, she began producing and composing with her computer in her bedroom. She has created a detailed and vibrant aesthetic, and in the process has become passionate about building communities of female-identified producers who have the resources to grow their music production knowledge. Over the span of five years, mini bear has evolved her live show into a dynamic performance that evokes emotive and carefree fantasy. She has been featured at events such as KCRW Summer Nights and has performed at some of Los Angeles’ notable venues such as The Echo and Moroccan Lounge. 

mini bear released her EP Mind Control in the fall of 2016. Her featured single “Clique” was described by Grimy Goods as “dark electronic flavor doused in analog synth and vibrant breakbeats. It has the ability to sound nostalgic, whilst effervescing with a sharp futuristic tone.” She followed this up in 2018 with her single “cyberlove”, and it is described by Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands as “a laser-guided bounce through the foibles of making real connections in a time where our gaze is fixed on screens more than human beings.” 2018 was a year of deep discovery and intense revelations regarding sexuality and sense of self, and she has a collection of songs that have emerged from her journey that she plans to release in 2019.